And the January winner is….

We have our first Service Champion of the year!!

Here are a few highlights from the nominations in January:

  • 37 nominations in total, with nominations for Quality, Relationships, Speed and Teamwork,
  • 14 people received nominations from 14 nominators,
  • 19 nominations came from Sales people to Business Support, showing how much their work is appreciated in getting the deals done.

Our winner received a total of 9 nominations, including 1 for Quality, 1 for Relationships and 7 for Teamwork. She received nominations from Direct Sales, Direct Support, Vendor Sales, Vendor Support, Central Business Support and Management, which shows the impact she makes across the business.

The Winner is…. Chloe Parker

Well done Chloe our January 2020 Service Champion winner.

“For quicker decisions & better results, trust the experts at PMD.”

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