Diversifying during the COVID-19 crisis to ramp up food and drink distribution

The Challenge

Curd & Cure is the leading artisan food and drink distributor for the South East. Over the last 30 years, they have built a strong reputation within the hospitality and retail sectors. With high demand and a robust reputation, Curd & Cure needed to ensure their offering was still readily available for customers after COVID-19 took hold and closed restaurants, bars and cafes – losing 20% of their business and customers overnight.

Diversification was key, and Curd & Cure needed to find a way to supply for a huge surge in orders from new and existing customers across the South East. They knew they could support farm shops and independent retailers to help fill the gaps for goods that people were unable to find in their local supermarket. Because of this, they recognised that they needed more fridge/freezer vehicles so contacted CoolKit to start the process.

The Solution

Curd & Cure had a previous, successful relationship with CoolKit so enlisted their help to source and finance two vehicles quickly for them. CoolKit worked closely with PMD Business Finance and Mediafleet to organise the manufacture, finance, livery and delivery of two fridge/freezer vans. Many supply chain businesses were closed so CoolKit offered to convert two stock vehicles, assist with finance and livery and all was agreed within one day.

Teamwork was key during the process, and all stakeholders knew the importance of expanding Curd & Cure’s fleet to increase food and drink supplies during these unprecedented times. Lee Schofield, Director of PMD Business Finance, said:

“Curd & Cure was originally looking at one vehicle, but with the finance package we were offering it made sense to get two vans; especially at a time when he knew they would be put to good use.

“While CoolKit got on with the manufacture of the vehicles, we worked behind the scenes to ensure the finance package was ready to go and managed the whole process smoothly.”

The Results

The vans were converted, liveried and delivered to site within four weeks. The process was smooth, efficient and stress free for all involved. Curd & Cure was able to add nine new delivery slots to their schedule, their turnover increased by 60% and they employed new staff to fulfil and deliver orders.

“For quicker decisions & better results, trust the experts at PMD.”

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