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What is Asset Refinance?

Asset refinance is a powerful financial tool that can make your current assets work harder for your business. It is a way of releasing cash within your business by using these valuable assets as collateral.

How asset refinance works is by selling assets to a lender for a price based on its current working value. Your business will retain use of the asset and you repay the amount advanced to you, in instalments, over a set amount of time.

Asset refinance is a great way of releasing extra cash within your business whilst still benefiting from the working asset and when you’re done repaying the full amount borrowed, plus any fees associated with the finance facility, you regain full ownership of the asset.

Taking finance further.

At PMD, we understand the value your assets add to your business and using them to unlock much-needed capital within your business could be a kickstart to your next business growth venture.

Tangible assets such as agricultural equipment, manufacturing, and construction machinery, and vehicles can all be used as collateral for asset refinance, among many other assets you may never have realised could be refinanced. This is where we can help you to understand and unlock that much-needed capital within your business.

We’re here for the forward thinkers, the barrier breakers, and the decision makers.

At PMD, whatever your business, we have access to an unrivalled range of solutions and specialists within asset refinance, allowing us to offer you competitive, flexible, and diverse funding lines to build your business and boost growth.

Although it may seem complex, asset refinance doesn’t have to be and at PMD we can source facilities for almost any business asset and do all the legwork for you, so you can spend time doing what you do best!

The start of a powerful partnership.

If you’re considering asset refinance to help boost your business growth, then get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today. We offer no hard sell, no jargon business finance with brains, and whatever your industry sector, we can provide the best solutions to help you grow without limits.

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