Never miss an opportunity to grow

Never miss an opportunity to grow

What is Trade Finance?

Whether you are sourcing materials overseas or are required to fulfil a large order, trade finance could be the funding solution need to meet the demands of your business. Not just beneficial for international trade, if your business trades with other businesses at home or abroad, trade finance can be a powerful tool to help you purchase stock, materials or ship products quickly.

Trade finance can also offer your business a game-changing opportunity for growth by opening up opportunities that may have initially seemed out of reach. Trade finance can give you the means to enter growing markets by offering the funds to fulfil orders and allow you to start buying straight away.

We put our customers first.

If you’re a business owner with the drive to move your business forward, our forward-thinking business solutions are your perfect match. If you have your sights set on a goal but don’t have the time to waste waiting until you have enough cash upfront to start, trade finance could be the solution you need to grab that opportunity.

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Here at PMD, we offer powerful finance solutions for the forward thinkers, the barrier breakers, and the big decision-makers. When it comes to trade finance, we have an unrivalled range of flexible and diverse solutions and specialists that can help drive your business forward.

We take the stress away so you can spend time focusing on what you do best!

Trade Finance, the start of a powerful partnership.

We understand the risk you’re taking trading overseas, with longer credit terms to contend with, further distance for your goods to travel, and negotiating with customers and suppliers in unfamiliar markets, but that’s why at PMD, we offer a game-changing service that’s not just about money, it’s about offering the support and solutions your business needs to keep on growing and keep cash flowing.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can bring the ideas, creativity, and support you may not have even realised you were looking for. We offer a no hard sell, no jargon approach, just business finance with brains.

Whatever sector your business operates in, we can provide the best solutions to help you grow without limits. Get in touch today and let’s see what we can do together.