We can support you with Property Finance

We can support you with Property Finance

Nothing should stand in the way of your property plans. That’s why at PMD, we offer a wide range of flexible, competitive, and diverse property finance solutions, such as commercial mortgages, equity release, bridging loans, and development finance, all of which we will guide you through, ensuring you get the finance you need to grow and succeed.

We have over 150 lenders on our panel, from high street banks to alternative lenders, ensuring that we can find you the right property finance solution.

In partnership with our professional contacts we can also deliver ‘Tax Efficient Commercial Property Funding’ using Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP) or Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS) to buy commercial property.

We can also support you in raising deposit monies to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your commercial property aspirations.

So, let’s look at these different types of property finance to find the most appropriate for you.

Commercial Mortgages.

Commercial mortgages, also known as business mortgages, let business owners borrow the money they need to buy property or land for their business. Like a residential mortgage, the lender is repaid in monthly instalments, along with interest.

You might consider applying for a commercial mortgage if:

  • You want to own your business premises.
  • You are an investor who wants to buy a property to lease to other businesses.
  • You are a landlord who wants to buy other properties to rent to tenants.
  • You want to re-mortgage, maybe to take advantage of a better interest rate or fix the term

At PMD, we are commercial mortgage specialists, with access to a wide panel of lenders ensuring we help you find the most appropriate commercial mortgage tailored to your circumstances.

Equity Release.

Equity, or cash, can build up during the course of your mortgage term. Equity release can allow you access to this cash by refinancing your commercial property loan.

Equity release or commercial mortgage refinancing works in the same way as residential mortgaging and business owners may use the cash to:-

  • Finance a business acquisition
  • Develop a new product line or project
  • Strengthen cash flow
  • Pay off existing debts
  • Support the purchase of another property

Our team of experienced commercial mortgage specialists can provide you with the ideas, creativity, and support you need to find the best options for you.

Bridging Loans.

A bridging loan is a short-term loan secured on property that is designed to move a project or satisfy a funding requirement within a period of 12 months. Bridging loans are used by businesses for any purpose until their next stage of financing becomes available – usually from a property resale or refinance onto long term funding.

Whether you’re looking to purchase property, build property or refurbish property, bridging loans can be used in commercial property transactions by business owners, developers, landlords, and investors.

Bridging loans are relatively quick and easy to arrange and can be completed within a few weeks from initial enquiry.

Development Finance.

If you’re looking to construct a new property or refurbish your existing commercial property, then development finance could be the ideal finance solution for you. Development finance is a form of short-term property finance that can help you jump-start construction work, or that big refurb on your current property. At PMD we are here to offer the advice and support you need, plus we do all the legwork for you so you can spend time doing what you do best!

Raising Deposit monies.

Commercial property lenders can sometimes be pedantic about ‘Loan to Value (LTV) ratios – this simply means the amount of the loan they’re willing to finance against the actual value they believe the property is worth.

Occasionally LTV isn’t sufficient, but we have various alternative finance schemes that may release cash to finance the deposit shortfall. Examples include, asset refinance, merchant cash advance, increase in invoice finance line or business loan.

Every business case is unique but fear not, we are creative thinkers who want to deliver for our clients and will consider all the appropriate options to deliver the solution you require.

John has always been my go to guy for property finance. He and the team at PMD simplify the process of raising capital for new projects and they are quick to provide advice and contacts that benefit my business.

Tomorrow's finance, today.

Property finance can be complex, but at PMD, we get to know you and we get to know your business. This way, we can offer the quick, flexible and diverse funding solutions you need to ensure you continue to grow and succeed.

We know that with our wide range of lenders, their diverse solutions, combined with our industry experts is a powerful combination that will deliver the most appropriate commercial property finance solution for your business.

Why not benchmark your current facility or quote, its without fee or obligation, we might be able to find you more competitive or flexible terms.

Contact us today.

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