Providing funding support and advice to RHA members


PMD Business Finance is proud to partner with the RHA, the trade association of choice for all operators of commercial vehicles, to offer unbiased support and funding solutions to all RHA members, with the growing success of your business at the forefront of our mind.

RHA Business Finance

PMD looks after over 3,000 operators within haulage, and with access to over 100 funders, we are experienced in assisting you with your business finance requirements, whether you are considering acquiring vehicles and trailers, workshop equipment or IT. Our range of services also encompasses Asset Re-finance, Business Loans or Invoice Finance to aid expansion or resolve cash flow solutions.

Over the years, we have raised finance for several haulage company acquisitions and can provide unrivalled support for supplier finance programs. We work with the leading manufacturers of trailers and commercial vehicles across the UK and suppliers of transport management software, MOT and garage equipment.

The face of finance is changing. No longer do banks need to control the pace at which a business grows. Your dedicated experts at PMD will work with you to keep up with the everchanging direction of the haulage and transportation industry, focusing on saving money and bringing about efficiencies.

Having multiple credit lines in place for all your assets including trucks, trailers, workshop equipment, IT and property, allows you the freedom to grow at your own pace and our experts know how to get it done.

Steer your business in the right direction with PMD Benchmarking

PMD Benchmarking is a complementary finance quotation and price checking service provided to RHA members. We will ensure that any finance quotes you receive offer best value and are consistent with the most competitive rates in the market.

We will further ensure that you are being offered the most appropriate facility to suit your specific business needs. Even if we confirm your quote is in line with market rates, we will check the documents on your behalf to ensure your peace of mind.

Savings exceeding £100,000 with PMD Benchmarking

A haulage firm contacted PMD suspecting their current Asset Finance facilities weren’t as competitive as they could be. After benchmarking 10 of their existing agreements, we identified that substantial savings of over £100,000 could be made.

PMD spotted further discrepancies but this time on their Invoice Finance line. Further savings of £30,000 were uncovered and a new provider was introduced. The Directors were delighted with the savings made, boosting profits for the business. They have subsequently moved all their business finance requirements to PMD.

Navigate your business towards a brighter future with flexible funding

Business Finance solutions:

  • Asset Finance
  • Invoice Finance
  • Business Loans
  • Acquisition Finance
  • Property Finance
  • Supplier Finance


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PMD Business Finance is proud to partner with the RHA to provide support and advice to RHA’s members as part of the RHA’s Business Bureau.

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