PMD Business Finance support ADP Transport and Recovery in reducing their carbon footprint

The Challenge

ADP Transport and Recovery, a well-established breakdown recovery company based in Surrey wanted to reduce their carbon footprint and go greener.

The introduction of London Low Emission Zones and a commitment to investing in clean air vehicles pushed the business to make the decision to think about investing in compliant vehicles that would cause less pollution and be better for the environment. This involved acquiring funding to purchase vehicles with low emissions.

The Solution

The business approached PMD Business Finance who were able to source them separate finance deals for three new Euro 6 Recovery vehicles over three years, allowing their business to grow whilst remaining compliant with the London Low Emission Zones and reducing their amount of vehicle pollution.

The Results

“PMD has helped with the finance of three New Euro 6 Recovery Vehicles. Finding three separate finance deals over three years has helped us maintain a level of service to our customers in the London Low Emission Zone. On every occasion this has been a simple process. A few checks, and PMD have had a finance deal in place. They also deal with the suppliers making things a lot less stressful. Using PMD to obtain finance for our business helped us grow from one vehicle to three in as many years. Having three Low Emission vehicles and being compliant with the London ULEZ has helped us service London and the surrounding areas whilst reducing our Carbon Footprint. These vehicles pollute less which has a small but positive impact on the air that everyone breathes in around London. As a small company, this is something we are committed to and we will be continuing to invest in clean air vehicles as we grow. This has also had a positive impact on our business growth. The financing of these vehicles has allowed us to grow, accept more contracts and in turn increase turnover. None of this would have been possible, as being a small company, we could not have bought these specialist vehicles outright. With the help of PMD, financing our vehicles has been good for the environment and our business.”
“It’s great to get involved with forward-thinking, ambitious businesses. We’re pleased to have been able to help support ADP Transport and Recovery in servicing the London area and provide a positive impact on their business growth. This is a step in the right direction to helping reduce emissions and it’s great to complete a deal that not only has a positive impact on the business, but also provides a positive environmental benefit too.”