Hire for attitude, train for skill!

In my April Blog “This is PMD, we do things differently here” I described our PMD team as ‘the best in our field’. I firmly believe this to be true, but having grown from a team of just 9 when we started in 2010 to a current staff of 35, how exactly have we achieved that?

There are 600 finance brokers in the UK, so how do you become the best in your business? Where do we find our people? And how do we work together as a team to deliver the exceptional service we’re so proud of?

I asked our Managing Director Peter Dobson to describe the key attributes he looks for in a PMD person….

“We don’t actively seek out potential recruits with finance experience because sector knowledge can easily be taught. We focus on other qualities when choosing our people. If we happen to find someone within the industry who fits the bill then, of course, that’s great but it’s not the primary requirement by any means!” So what is?

“Attitude is everything!”

I recently telephoned our office to ask a member of our sales support team to show me how to do something. Her response, “I can show you if you like, but I am more than happy to do that for you, send it over to me and I’ll make it my next job!” That’s what I am talking about! What a fantastic ‘can do’ attitude. This team player took ownership, was willing to help without hesitation and if she’s like that with me, what is she like with our clients?

Without blowing my own trumpet, whilst I was bowled over but not surprised by her attitude, I was quite prepared to do the job myself. I didn’t expect to have it taken off me! I wouldn’t ever ask someone to do something I wasn’t prepared to do myself…

Even Mr Dobson puts the kettle on occasionally!

Joking aside, it all comes down to attitude, and we don’t have room for bad ones!

“How will this person interact with clients? Do they have an engaging personality?”

We work closely in partnership with our suppliers, so it’s absolutely imperative that our people have a pleasant nature and get on well with others. We employ people we enjoy talking to ourselves in Interview, as we can be confident they will build excellent rapport with our clients!

We like our customers to know we care and also to feel that our staff genuinely enjoy helping them. We look for people who display a desire to please and be helpful.

“Would I buy from them and trust them?”

Honesty and Integrity are core requirements within our business. We are transparent in all aspects of what we do; so it’s essential our staff conduct themselves with the same integrity. We are attracted to potential employees who demonstrate strong values.

“Does this person have a strong work ethic?”

Exceptional service is not a 9-5 job! We need our people to be flexible and willing to work hard. Our team gets things done and if that means coming into work early or leaving later then that’s just what happens! Each member of our staff takes pride in everything they do and delivers top notch service willingly- whatever the time of day!

“Does this person want to develop themselves?”

We are a successful business with a team who are with us for the long haul. We need our people to grow, so that we can bring in more new recruits. We are drawn to those who are driven to succeed; self-motivated individuals who only want to get better! And, of course, they need to have the desire, ability and willingness to get things done!

“Product knowledge can always be taught if a person shines through with a positive approach. That’s why we hire for attitude and train for skill!”

“Your attitude, not your aptitude will determine your altitude” Zig Ziglar

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