If in doubt…please don’t hesitate to ask!

If in doubt…please don’t hesitate to ask!

Customers are often surprised by some of the types of equipment we are able to finance. This is perhaps due to a general perception that finance companies view borrowing in the same way as traditional bank finance; so many potential clients still have no idea what can be considered. The top and bottom of it is; we can pretty much fund any asset that helps you to grow and develop your business, and the diversity of those assets is vast! From £1000 to £1 million+ we love to help!

We work with a range of equipment suppliers and introducers who introduce their customers to us and we also have a direct funding team who contact our existing client base to discuss repeat business and also approach new clients to see how we can assist. These customers come back to us time after time and some of their requirements can be quite unusual. I think we were all surprised last summer when we were asked to finance an inflatable pub! We did write the business too!

One member of our team told me just this morning, he has a facility approved for a set of Medical Training Models –Replicas of Body Parts basically!

SME’s finance because they want to take their business to the next level, replace tired equipment, become more efficient and profitable and pay for equipment as it does the job and makes/saves them money.

Gone are the days where we are only asked to finance cars and forklift trucks….but we still do those too!

Here are some of the more unusual deals we’ve done:

MEZZANINE FLOOR – a longstanding customer was looking to relocate as they were quickly outgrowing their space. They were really struggling to find the right premises in as good a location offering enough square footage. So they decided to grow upwards instead. Funding their mezzanine floor project allowed them the extra storage space they needed without the upheaval of relocation!
24 LASER VESTS – The largest Laser Quest Venue in the UK required some new laser vests to replace those that had worn out! Customers tend to think that if it doesn’t have a serial number then it can’t be financed but this is not the case: If we can we will!
THE AFOREMENTIONED INFLATABLE PUB – Basically, an upside down bouncy castle we financed for a company who hires out the air-filled bar to festivals and shows!
15 NEW GOCARTS – costing £50,000 for a new go carting track local to PMD’s head office.
LED LIGHTING – For a warehouse wanting to save on energy costs and improve their carbon footprint, but didn’t have £45k to spend on doing so. Our agreement allows them to economically illuminate and pay for their new lights quarterly are saving money! We also gave them 3 months delayed payment to ensure they saw the benefit of the first lower energy bill before they made their initial payment.
TRAFFIC CONES – If you are ever stuck in motorway roadworks (the story of my life) watch out for those traffic cones; they may belong to us! We helped a traffic management company with their £15000 acquisition.
A LIVING WALL – A City Centre Restaurant wanted to ‘grow’ their business in every sense of the word and we funded a live plant feature wall costing around £14000.
Don’t forget we don’t just fund ‘quirky assets’ we also fund traditional assets like commercial vehicles, plant, machinery and equipment too!

If in doubt….ask! You’ll be pleasantly surprised just how flexible we can be!

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