Introducing Maissie Lever: Business Support

We’re so happy to be introducing you to yet another new member of our ever-growing team. Maissie Lever joins us at PMD Business Finance as one of our newest members within Business Support. Joining us back in September 2021, Maissie has now settled in to the PMD family. What better time to quiz her and enable you to get to know her as well as we do!

Name: Maissie Lever

Role: Business Support

Tell us a bit about where you’ve worked in the past.

Before joining PMD I only worked in one other job. I worked as a Paralegal for a Personal Injury Law Firm after finishing studying Law at the University of Manchester. I spent 2 years working here where I had responsibilities that mostly included preparing documentation for court, legal drafting and reading through medical records. As well as this, I also spoke to new clients who had just been in accidents. This job helped me to develop my communication skills and allowed me to become familiar with being thorough when checking through the relevant documentation.


What excited you about the role with PMD?

The main thing that excited me about my role with PMD was the chance to progress. I enjoyed my career as a paralegal, but I felt that there wasn’t much opportunity to grow in my previous position. At PMD, there are a lot of different career paths that I can go down which is exciting! It’s quite a big team, and I was looking forward to working with and getting to know a larger group of people. My last job had a small team of approximately 25 – PMD is double this. I already knew people within the business and had only heard good things – they’re a tight knit team of professionals.

What are your key responsibilities within your role with PMD?

I work within Business Support and my key responsibilities mostly fall within supporting the sales team. I mainly support Brad Garside by putting together documentation and sending it to clients, carrying out credit and ID checks, sending proposals and just generally dealing with customers. This often involves chasing them for documents and checks that may be needed to progress deals and get them paid out.

What are you enjoying the most so far?

I’ve really enjoyed working with the girls within the direct support team. They’re a lovely, friendly, and supportive group. There’s a real sense of group achievement, with everyone pulling together to get the job done and sharing the workload when possible. Prior to joining PMD, I had little experience within the business finance industry, and I’ve learnt so much through working with Brad. As a boss, Tom Brown has also been supportive with my career – he discusses progression and ways he can help. It’s clear that he’s big on personal development and you can see that he wants everyone to succeed. PMD are great to work for – they look out for you and care for you and I’m enjoying working within such a supportive environment.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

Like everyone else, I enjoy socialising with my friends in my spare time, usually in the pub or enjoying a night out. I live at home with my mum, dad and brother which is great because I get to spend a lot of time with them – which I love. I also have a sister who lives in York. It means I can visit her when I like and spend some time with her. Last but least, I have a Yorkie named Eric. I enjoy taking him on walks when I finish my day at work. It’s a great way for me to relax and wind down after a long day.

Tell us a fun fact about you!

This is probably a weird one that nobody else will have… I have a cut out of Max Branning next to my desk at work! He’s had a bit of work done (mostly a moustache and beard made from pen).

What’s your greatest achievement outside of work?

Outside of work, I would say my greatest achievement is going to university. It was a lot of hard work, but I survived 3 years studying Law. I eventually graduated from the University of Manchester with my Law degree!

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