“I’ve realised very quickly, that if you can’t succeed at PMD then you can’t succeed anywhere”

Just where have the last 12 months gone?

I can’t actually believe that in just a few week’s time we will have been in our new premises for 12 months, and yet on the other hand it feels as if we have been there forever!

It doesn’t seem 2 minutes since we were packing boxes and painstakingly arranging what can only be described as a massive move! From months of planning over the I.T infrastructure and logistics of where everything would fit in, to designing our new space after years in an old mill building, everyone ‘mucked in’ and played a valuable part in the proceedings. The move, on Christmas Eve of all days, went like a dream!

Thinking about how all that came together, I realise the teamwork displayed at that time, totally sums up the PMD team. Working unruffled towards a common goal, helping and respecting one another, each willing the others success!

From a team of just eight when we exited Admiral and formed PMD in April 2010, we are now 33 strong! I feel so proud to have been part of those original eight and to have seen the business growing from strength to strength during the last eight and a half years. We started with such a strong belief and trust in each other’s ability, motivation, leadership and integrity. It has been the huge effort and hard work from every member of our team that has driven us to where we are today.

The move into our fantastic new premises was tantamount to that success and we continue to grow, adding in numbers all the time, increasing our productivity and supporting one another to achieve the very best we can.

In a recent sales meeting, a new member of our sales team said “I’ve realised very quickly, that if you can’t succeed at PMD then you can’t succeed anywhere” Rob Greenhalgh 2018. Rob then went on to rave about our support network and how he’s so proud to represent the business!

We have staff members at PMD who have worked with the management team for 25 years plus so I think it’s fair to say that people stay with us for the long haul! I’m one of them!

Someone asked me recently why I have stayed so long in one place…and my reply…

“Every day is different, it’s never boring! I work with a brilliant team. I really believe that I am in the best place I can possibly be to be the best I can be at what I do”… and I absolutely meant every word!

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