Jonny Kirkham promoted to Operations Director

Jonny Kirkham became a part of the PMD family just over three years ago, and in such a short time he’s made an incredibly large difference. From moving to a completely paperless system to creating a Sharepoint site during the height of the pandemic, Jonny’s contribution to the business is unmeasured. That’s why we’re so happy to announce his promotion to Operations Director! Well done Jonny, you deserve it!

To celebrate his promotion, we put the spotlight on Jonny Kirkham and his time with us at PMD.

What have you enjoyed the most so far during your time at PMD Business Finance?

I joined having previously worked for larger corporate businesses, and with that background the one thing I have enjoyed most at PMD is being able to work through change quickly and make an impact on running of the business.

Is there anything that came as a surprise to you?

The one thing that surprised me most when joining PMD was the level of commitment and engagement everyone had to getting the job done. PMD is a very special business where everyone wants to succeed, and everyone succeeds together. Having come from the corporate world this wasn’t the culture I was used to.

What have you done within your job role that has impacted PMD?

Very early on in my PMD career I pushed the Business Support team to start using shared task lists, improving communication, and enabling the team to work as a collective rather than as individuals. At the time it felt like a relatively small and simple change, but 3 years on the team still follow this discipline and it’s now central to how we work effectively. My role at PMD is to make us more efficient and this was the first of many changes I’ve made since joining. Some of the more significant changes include, introducing Customer Satisfaction feedback, moving us to become paperless, creating a SharePoint site which along with being paperless help us navigate our way through Covid, and finally introducing a new CRM system.

What has been your proudest achievement for the company?

I’ve done a lot in the last 3 years and I’m very proud of what I have achieved. I think my proudest achievement must be the management and roll out of our new CRM. It’s one of the biggest projects that I’ve had involvement with, taking months of hard work to pull together. We moved from two disjointed systems and manual documentation to one fully integrated CRM and Proposal Management System. Since its release 18 months ago, we’ve been able to write more business and grow. I would add a huge thank you to Luke Buckley who was on this journey with me!

How has the business changed since you first started?

It feels like a different business to the one I joined in May 2019. I remember my first day. Seeing hundreds of yellow paper files on the desks and not understanding why and how the process was so manual. After my first month I was committed to making the business paperless. And I’m happy to say that is where we are today. Not only have we improved systems and process, but our office space has doubled too. We’ve increased from 34 employees to 50 employees. As well as this, we write more business and we’ve doubled our lending, which is now at over £200 million.

What’s your ambition for the business over the next 5 years?

I think PMD has the potential to be the first choice for businesses looking for finance in the UK. We have the infrastructure and the people to make ourselves the undisputed number 1 business finance broker. My aim is to help PMD reach that potential by continuing to innovate and build on our foundations to improve process, structure and systems.

Again, we wish Jonny Kirkham the best of luck in his new position with us at PMD. You’ll continue to smash it!

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