Our Magnificent 7!

In previous Blogs I’ve alluded to staff retention and the loyalty of our people. Many of our team, including me, have been with us for over 15 years!

However, that doesn’t mean we have an ‘older’ team, in fact, far from it!

Someone said to me recently; “I imagine a finance company to be full of stuffy older men in suits!” It’s funny the perception people have, but it’s really not like that at all.

At PMD, our staff range from early 20’s to early 50’s and every number in between! I remember when I started out here at 23, seems like only yesterday really….but what is it that attracts our younger recruits?

I had a chat with our 7 Twenty Somethings to see what appealed to them about a career in finance.

I present our Magnificent 7!

Chloe Parker

Chloe worked in the South for another leasing broker. When she relocated to Manchester 2 years ago, PMD were her first choice: “I wanted to stay within the industry and I’d heard a lot of positive things about PMD so you were my first choice!”

Chloe is a valued member of our sales support team, fits into our environment perfectly and she’s well on her way to establishing her roots ‘up north’. She sets herself high standards and is eager to complete every aspect of her role to the best of her ability.

Chloe is a social butterfly…and once met Prince Harry!

Rob Greenhalgh

Before joining the team in October 2017, Rob actually worked for one of our clients in the events industry. Whilst this was a varied and sometimes wacky job, Rob was looking for a new opportunity and wanted to settle into building his career. “I’m a good talker, I was offered the PMD job there and then in the interview, but maybe that was just to shut me up!” – I am sure it wasn’t Rob!

In all seriousness, Rob is a true gent with lovely values and staff and clients alike warm to him easily. He’s working hard to build his supplier portfolio, establishing relationships based on trust and mutal respect.

Rob aims to be number one, both in sales and in the world of amateur football. He’s not happy for his team to take 2nd place in the league and pushes hard for the top spot!

Claudia Singleton

Prior to Claudia joining us at PMD a year ago, Claudia worked for the Business Growth Hub, a not for profit organisation supporting SME’s in the local area. In a processing role, there was no room for Claudia to grow into the sales person she aspires to be.

I was a couple of years older than Claudia when I joined PMD with the exact same ambitions. I 100% know the business will support her to achieve her goals, just as they have me, and we will all help her however we can.

Good Luck Claudia!

Hayley Patel

Hayley is quite possibly the most positive and bubbly person I think I have ever met (and also the tiniest!) She is so eager to please and will go out of her way to help, even when her own workload is keeping her busy.

Customer service is absolutely her forte. Having been a P.A previously, Hayley is super organised and rose to the challenge of supporting our Sales Director with gusto. After 18 months she’s already a great asset to the business.

Hayley describes our team as “Lively, Dynamic and Witty” I’d say that covers it! She loves working for PMD and has ambitions to manage her own team one day.

When she’s not working, she’s on celebrity look out during her regular shopping sprees and worldly travels!

Nuala Carr

Nuala’s head, wearing a festive hat, appeared as a Christmas Day extra on Corrie once! She now has a much more ‘complete’ and active role as sales support for the direct finance team.

Nuala goes out of her way to help customers and team members alike, she loves being part of our business.

She’s wearing the teal dress in this photo, but if you fancy seeing her moment of fame, I’m sure you will find it on YouTube!

Sam German

Sam worked for the family Bakery to earn his crust! (see what I did there?)

One day in early April this year, he stepped completely out of his comfort zone to join us in direct finance sales. “I’d seen how well my best friend Brad had done working with you guys and I wanted a piece of that!”

Sam’s hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back. I just hope we never have a ‘team builder’ on the ski slope. Apparently Sam was removed from, a local indoor slope for being a danger to others!

Never mind Sam, you can’t be good at everything!

Brad Garside

Although he worked in recruitment and had a season with the party crew in Zante before joining us, Brad does come from a banking background, having worked for RBS whilst completing his Banking Diploma (You’d need a holiday after studying for that Brad! Brings back many a memory!)

When he returned, the Bank were only making redundancies so he reached out to his network and found us!

“I love working for such a forward thinking Business. Every day is different and it’s a very rewarding career”.

Brad has ambitions to be the top of his game and plans to invest the fruits of his success in a property portfolio. I have every confidence he will!

Thanks Guy’s, it’s great to have you all on board!

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