PMD Education Press Release

PMD Education is pleased to announce the appointment of Lynsey Jackson as Relationship Manager. Her role is to offer a safe, reliable leasing solution to Schools, Academies and Further Education Establishments to meet the ever demanding needs of replacing and updating costly equipment.

Lynsey is a committed, dynamic individual who has worked within the public sector for several years and realises the importance of ensuring customer’s needs are met, and more importantly that high standards are delivered.

PMD is a provider of Compliant Operating Leasing facilities through a number of recognised providers, including Investec Asset Finance, Macquarie, CHG Meridian and PMD’s own funds. PMD are also Corporate Members of the National Association of Business Managers.

The Department of Education recently announced a proposal for an additional funding allocation in 2015-16. However, it appears that the coalition government are reluctant to commit to a full national funding formula during this term. That will leave school budgets stretched even further and with investment needed immediately for a variety of equipment, schools will need to seek alternative funding options. The Department have recently reconfirmed that the only form of external funding facility must take the form of an Operating Lease. Finance Leases are classed as borrowing and cannot be considered.

Many Schools have recently been the subject of fraud and malpractice where equipment suppliers have provided overpriced equipment on onerous leasing contracts which has cost the education sector millions. This illustrates the importance of understanding the leasing contracts your suppliers are presenting to you.

Lynsey recently commented, “It’s really important that we increase awareness amongst Schools and ensure that they never again fall foul of these onerous contracts. In a sense it’s my job to ‘educate’ the education sector about the world of Leasing and assist schools in making the correct choice of investment.”

If you need assistance understanding the difference between leasing contracts or you’d like to set up an Operating Lease facility then please don’t hesitate to contact Lynsey at or on 07714 952354

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