PMD Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

I can’t believe another year is drawing to a close, where does time go? As we wave good bye to 2013 at least we do so with an improving economic climate, which is the first time for a few years. GDP and house prices are now increasing and unemployment and inflation are decreasing so all the signs are there for a sustained economic recovery.

During the recession many businesses have cancelled or delayed buying decisions for equipment, machinery, IT and vehicles not wanting to commit further finances in a turbulent economy. As a result many companies have seen their maintenance expenditure increase as assets have got older and less reliable. A number of economic experts are predicting a ‘tidal wave’ of new asset orders in 2014 as a result of ageing equipment being replaced and more confidence around the economy for new business initiatives.

Many clients are also apprehensive about relying on their banks after the way they have underperformed over the past decade. As an independent asset finance broker we believe this could be our busiest year ever. If you or your clients are looking to acquire any equipment, machinery, IT or vehicles during 2014 we’d be delighted to be consulted.

PMD now have 15 independent funding lines, including our own money, which can provide clients of all types with competitive, flexible and reliable funding options. Whether you’re looking to acquire new assets or considering re-financing existing assets, we can help you.

On behalf of everyone here at PMD Leasing we’d like to wish all our clients and contacts a Happy Christmas and we sincerely hope that 2014 will prove to be a successful year for you all.

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