Say hello to Ethan!

The Christmas countdown is officially on but that doesn’t stop us shouting about our newest PMD family members!

This week we are shining the spotlight on Ethan Cambridge our new Sales Solutions Experts Relationship Manager. We wanted to get to know Ethan a little better, and what better way to do that than with a Q&A session?

Ethan Cambridge

Job Title
Relationship Manager

What is your day to-to-day role at PMD?
My job is to support a business from application to approval and put the finance in place as efficiently and effectively as possible. Each day I aim to build on the relationships PMD has with the clients and suppliers I talk to.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I am a highly competitive person who will always attempt to be the best I can be at what I do. I’ve played golf and swam at a high level. I’m eager to try new sports and enjoy watching the teams I support. I spend a lot of time with my partner, traveling, exploring, and cooking. My latest passion is investing, and I’m eager to broaden my knowledge.

What was your role before joining PMD?
I was a healthcare assistant at a psychiatric hospital. The job was a great insight into the challenges people face with severe mental health. The opportunity to help mentally unwell people proved very rewarding, but it had its challenges. I am glad I did it as it has helped develop me in numerous ways, i.e., communication skills, dealing with difficult situations, and working in a team.

Where’s the most exciting place you have traveled to?
South Africa. One of the weeks I spent on safari in Sabi-Sands; the experience was unbelievable. Being able to see the infamous Africa big five was second to none. The second week I explored Cape Town. In Cape Town, I ventured up Tabletop Mountain and down to Cape Point, where I cave-dived with great whites just off seal island. The adrenaline rush was immeasurable, and the dive has been added to the bucket list once more!

What made you want to get into a Business Finance Sales role?
I completed a Business Management with Finance Degree at university. In addition to this, the business world is one I’ve grown up around and have always wanted to be a part of. My competitiveness is a huge factor and I want to build my knowledge and competence and then be given a sales target to hit. The high expectations set on me by customers, my boss, and myself to provide an impeccable business finance experience and exceed my target are exciting but nerve-wracking.

What is it about PMD that gets you excited about the work culture?
The work culture at PMD is different from any other employment I have worked within. The team supports each other so much they are like a family. The value placed on everyone is evident throughout every interaction. I’m excited about this work culture because I can see how the support from all my colleagues will help me to become successful.

What’s been the highlight of your first few weeks at PMD?
Probably the amount of knowledge I have gained in such a short time frame. I am also excited to see the journey before me as I am spending time with successful salespeople who all started at the bottom like me.

What kind of advice would you offer for anyone interested in working in the finance industry?
Just go for it. To me, it has already become more than just a job. I’m developing knowledge, building my career, and making some great friends in the process. I would also do some research first and try to work out what role would suit you, whether that be in sales or sales admin.

Do you want to be part of our fantastic growing team like Ethan?
We are recruiting for multiple roles throughout the business, so if you’ve got what it takes to be part of the PMD family then email your CV to today! Alternatively, why not keep up to date on what we’re up to and new opportunities within our growing team by following us on LinkedIn.

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