Shortfall in funding for Free School Meal Scheme

Lynsey Jackson, Relationship Manager for PMD Education is keen to educate Schools and keep them updated regarding the Government funding to improve kitchen and dining facilities to allow for the Free School Meal Scheme.

It was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, that from September 2014, all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are to be provided with a free school meal.

However, Government funding has so far, been insufficient, and consequently Councils have been forced to look to use existing School budgets to deliver the Free School Meal Scheme.

A recent survey carried out by the Local Government Association has shown that, of the 75 Councils that have taken part in the survey, approximately half of them are facing a shortfall and a staggering 37% of those will look to use their school budget to bridge the gap.

It has been estimated by the Local Government Association that Councils without sufficient funds will need to find approximately £488,000 to ensure the Scheme goes ahead.

Councillor David Simmons, Chairman of the Local Government Authority stated:

“It cannot be right that for some councils, money set aside for maintenance has instead had to be spent plugging the shortfall in money which government should have provided ”

“It is Councils and Schools that are picking up the bill for this work, at a time when budgets are already squeezed and tough decisions are being taken”

Please see the below article should you require any further information:

If your School is facing the tough challenge of ensuring your kitchen and dining facilities meet the scheme requirements then please contact Lynsey Jackson on 07714 952354 to discuss the option of a compliant Operating Lease facility.

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