This is PMD – we do things differently here!

A potential equipment supplier asked me to email a summary of who we are and what we do.

I knew we were not the only finance provider he was researching and tried to come up with some bullet points.

Everything I wrote down was absolutely true but I also knew that everyone else in our industry, given this scenario, would claim the same great service, better rates, higher acceptance levels, quoting tools….. We are not Everyone Else!

So I picked up the phone: “Let’s meet for a coffee next week! When you work with us you get me and a brilliant support team around me, I’ve tried as you asked, but I can’t possibly put that into words!”

This seemed to work; he agreed to meet.

He asked do I specialise in his sector. I’ve heard this before, many times. The number of suppliers who work with X finance company because “they specialise in a particular arena….”

In a nutshell; that just means they deal with all your competitors!

Our specialism? Service….Like you have never known! Until you experience it first-hand you can’t ever imagine what I mean.

I firmly believe our team is the best in our field. We have a wealth of experience between us and it shows!

People talk about good service…but what does that actually mean?

24/7 – Many customers are busy 9-5 : we recognise that. It’s important we are available to talk to outside those hours. I once had a 10 minute chat with a consultant surgeon at 7pm watching a boiling pan and jotting down notes on the back of my weekly shopping list! Because sometimes….that’s what it takes!

Flexibility – There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach for our clients. We don’t shoehorn our customers to take the product we they think they want, we discuss their requirements to make our offer fit. Sometimes we have to think outside the box. For example…A customer financing commercial laundry equipment through us suddenly gets a £30k bill for Gas connection! If we can source a commercial loan to help with this too, the customer gets a bespoke package to cover everything he requires!

The ability to listen– Now I am a good talker! I’m a sales person, it comes with the territory. Early on in my sales career someone said, pointing at his ears and mouth, “you have 2 of these and one of these! Always take note of what the customer is saying and ensure you really listen”. This has always stood me in good stead. How can we possibly write an accurate and effective customer report if we don’t ask the right questions and listen to the answers? Good reports get proposals through first time. A credit underwriter should ‘want’ to do a deal and we have to give him all the reasons why he should! An accurate, concise report is crucial!

Speed and communication – If you don’t get on with it…someone else will!

Honesty and Integrity – Always!

When another broker resorts to underhand tactics because they are scratching their heads trying to replicate what we do ….I’d say that’s a fair indication we are getting something right!

Welcome to PMD, we do things differently here!

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