Confidently Supporting Professional Practices, through Better Business Finance

The New Year is well underway and whilst professional firms are busy setting out their plans and strategy for the year ahead, it is also a period of managing a heavy workload and multiple expenses such as Corporation and Income Tax falling due.

At PMD Business Finance, in addition to our market leading Asset, Invoice and Supplier finance solutions we have helped thousands of our clients finance regular business costs such as:

Corporation Tax
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Annual Subscriptions
Practising Certificates
Software Licences
Partners Tax
Particularly given the current economic climate, we feel that spreading the costs of such expenses over a fixed term can help protect cash flow and retain working capital, which in turn can give you the competitive edge by allowing existing funds to be used elsewhere within your organisation.

Our bespoke finance solutions do just that, allowing the cost of your requirements to be spread over an appropriate term and provide flexible payment facilities. Giving you peace of mind that your key costs are covered.

PMD Business Finance have specialists available to discuss how you can benefit from a competitive funding solution for each individual cost or simply combine multiple costs, even retrospectively, under one easy to manage agreement. As we work with a vast amount of lenders facilities are often easy to arrange, with decisions in less than 24 hours.

Complimentary to supporting your firm directly we’d also be delighted to discuss our range of working partnerships, with a view of offering your clients access to our vast panel of funding options.

Contact us on 0161 633 2548 to discuss further.

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