PMD launches Sales Solutions Experts

As we go through a period of great change at PMD Business Finance, it is clear to us that as our business grows, our identities need to uniquely reflect the divisions we operate in.

On the 1st October we launched Structured Finance Solutions, our corporate finance arm. Blue in colour, the Structured Finance Solutions team is aimed at SMEs, corporate financiers, and business advisors.

Our Supplier Finance team is also going in a new direction. One that we believe will resonate with our partners in this market.

The team consists of a dynamic group of experts in sales solutions. Which has led us to rename the division to just that – PMD’s Sales Solutions Experts. Over the past 10 years, our team has grown into what it is today. A truly proactive group with one main objective of helping our partners sell more. Lee Schofield, Director, comments:

“It’s the same people, doing the same job as we were before. But now, we’ve got the material to help you understand what makes us stand out from the crowd. It was important to the Sales Solutions Experts to show our partners exactly who we are and not hide behind corporate jargon and the usual facts and figures you see in a brochure. We’re developing a brand to be proud of.”

We are still PMD in what we do and how we do it. This brochure reflects our personalities and we hope you enjoy reading through it.

Download our Sales Solutions Experts brochure here.

The future of the PMD Brand

Exciting work is being accomplished behind the scenes to develop these brand identities and to update our website in due course. But for now, our main priority is to keep doing what we do best. Helping our partners to sell more stuff and to provide fast and efficient funding solutions to the market.

But as we continue to go through this period of change, we didn’t want to miss out on promoting our new identities and building the recognisable brands we are proud of within the industries we work in. We look forward to going on this journey with our partners.

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