PMD’s Top 10 Lorry Facts!

To celebrate National Lorry Week and our Partnership with the founder of National Lorry Week the Road Haulage Association Ltd (RHA). The team has put their thinking caps on and come up with PMD’s top 10 facts about lorries!

We hope you find them as interesting as we did.

1) The first lorry was invented in Germany in 1896 and built by the German automotive pioneer, Damlier.

2) The word lorry was first seen in English in 1838. It was in reference to the luggage truck on a train.

3) Royal Mail PLC is the United Kingdom’s largest haulier based on revenue.

4) 89% of all goods in transport by land in Great Britain are directly by road. However, even the 11% that isn’t moved by road often needs road haulage to complete journeys to/from ports, airports, or rail terminals.

5) The amount of beer carried by UK lorries in a year would be enough to fill Wembley stadium.

6) The haulage sector is the UK’s fifth-largest employer.

7) In 1990 there were around 480,000 trucks in use on UK roads compared with about 415,000 today. – a 14% reduction. In contrast, there are 53% more vans and 35% more cars on the roads than in 1990.

8) At any given time, there are about 20 million shipping containers making their journey across the seas.

9) The earliest record reference to a “lorry driver” was in 1926.

10) In one year, a container ship travels the equivalent of three-quarters of the way to the moon and back.

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