Printwear & Promotion: Grow your business in 2021

During the coronavirus pandemic you may have been tempted to use finance to increase your equipment portfolio. This in turn increases your turnover. But were you perhaps put off by the jargon?

Rob Greenhalgh, Business Development Director at PMD Business Finance, had an interview with Printwear and Promotion. He breaks down the technical lingo and explains how you can capitalise in 2021.

“Using finance is a great way of being able to grow your business through investment in the latest garment technology whilst preserving cash flow. Even during the current pandemic, some businesses want to keep pushing and investing in the latest technology to improve output and diversify their current offering. Spreading their investment over the equipment’s working life ensures vital cash reserves hold up in the business.”

Click here to read the full article with Printwear and Promotion on pages 58-59

If you would like to speak to Rob, give him a call on 07702 551 383 or email him at

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