“Thanks for the opportunity to appreciate how good you guys actually are!”

Yesterday evening, I spoke to a sales person who I have recently started working with… this is a sales person who’s worked with other finance providers and has given us the opportunity with a couple of deals recently to see how we compare.

She called me especially to say this and it blew me away:

“If I’d never have dealt with anyone else and come straight to you when you asked then I would never have had the opportunity to appreciate how good you guys actually are! You go about things differently but to you it’s your job to do that. You assume everyone else deals with end user customers and supplier partners in the same way as you but let me tell you they absolutely don’t! Your customer service and communication are second to none and there really isn’t anyone else out there like you. I told my Sales Director you will get all my business from now on!”

How amazing is this? What a lovely thing to hear!

I spend my time contacting potential new supplier partners to offer my support and encourage them to give PMD a try. Many have existing relationships which are strong and they wouldn’t jump ship for no reason. I respect their loyalty. I want their business, but I respect their loyalty!

However, if you “never take the opportunity to appreciate how good someone else might be”…how do you know you are dealing with the best finance partner for you?

We don’t let people down! If you take the opportunity to give us a chance you’ll see that for yourself.

We have an amazing team and I already know how good we are…but it’s so very good to hear it.

Thank you!

Sam Kaberry
PMD Business Finance

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