Invoice finance is simply a way to release the cash that’s tied up in outstanding invoices. Businesses pay a percentage of the invoice amount to the lender as a fee for borrowing the money.

Instead of waiting for customers to pay, you borrow against the money you’re owed, releasing cash immediately, providing you with the necessary cash flow to run your business

Invoice Finance has rapidly become the most popular way of funding business growth. With banks actively reducing overdrafts, Invoice Finance is the natural way to support growth.

Facilities grow in line with sales so there is no more “banging your head” on your overdraft limit.

There is no second charge on the family home. The facility can also be used in conjunction with an overdraft or other loan.

We can arrange facilities that incorporate a full credit control package or a facility that is completely confidential.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry means that we can help you negotiate the right facility for you meaning that you have complete transparency with no hidden charges.

In addition to Invoice Finance we are also able to help you with:

  • EFG Loans
  • Credit Insurance
  • Trade Finance
  • Stock Finance
  • Single Debtor Funding
  • Export Funding
  • Foreign Exchange
Want to Consider IF?

Through our experts in the invoice finance field and our close relationships with a wide variety of lenders in the market we are ideally placed to get a full understanding of your business and then pair you with the right lender for you.
We will discuss your funding requirements and “must haves” from the relationship with your funding partner and ensure that they are fully aligned to your needs.
A Factoring or Invoice Discounting Facility is more than just a Bank Overdraft as you will be in regular contact with your funder so it is imperative that you feel comfortable with them and they feel confident they can offer the service that you need.
Whether it is for expansion, restructure, MBO/MBI then we can help you find the right funder for your business.

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