Funding growth in a fast-growing business

Funding growth in a fast-growing business isn’t easy, but having a finance broker available 24/7 is a great start.

That’s exactly why Anthony Binns, Managing Director of specialist vehicle haulier AC Binns, comes back to PMD time after time.

A C Binns have rapidly become the ‘go to’ specialist when it comes to moving supercars around the UK and Europe, because when it comes to transporting vehicles like Porches, Ferraris and Lamborghinis, mistakes can be very costly.

Being able to provide such a trusted, top quality, specialist transport service, quickly and carefully, requires the best equipment available to do the best job, at the right time.

Which is why PMD Business Finance have been facilitating finance for AC Binns for over five years. We’ve arranged finance facilities for skeletal trailers, tractor units, LCV’s and prestige car transporters.

Since AC Binns are available 24/7 to provide their customers with the service they need, having a flexible finance partner with the ability to arrange suitable finance quickly has been key to funding growth.

As Anthony Binns, Managing Director of A C Binns says,

“PMD provide me with a level of service I haven’t received from other finance companies I have worked with. I can contact them out of normal working hours to discuss my ideas and they’re always happy to talk. Their facilities are competitive, flexible and they have ensured transparency at the end of my agreements. They’re also able to accommodate both short term and standard length repayment periods to suit our contracts.”

Lee Schofield, Director, says:

“The main driver for Anthony using PMD is that it really is ‘hassle free’ finance. He can make one call day or night and he knows his requirements will be accommodated, leaving him to get on with his job. Our extensive range of funders and our knowledge of the haulage industry allows us to do this.”

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