Merchant Cash Advance: Reduce financial pressure

Give your business the working capital it needs to expand and push itself out of these difficult times

Merchant Cash Advance is a simple, quick and easy way to get instant cash for your business, which you’ll then repay through each card transaction at an agreed percentage.

The product is specifically designed for B2C businesses and those that operate a merchant terminal.

A message from Lee Schofield, PMD Director

“2020 is behind us at last. At PMD we are happy to be back doing what we do best after a challenging year for all. We are motivated and ready to take on the new challenges this year has already thrown at us.”

“PMD is using the New Year to look forward to brighter days ahead. And because of this, since we returned we have been deliberating on how best to offer our support as you work hard to push through yet another lockdown.”

During discussions, we kept coming back to the same solution: Merchant Cash Advance.

Our CardPay team see this as the solution for many to reduce financial pressures in 2021. PMD CardPay is a solution that we offer to our customers who are looking to inject cash into their business regardless of how much their business takes and without fixed monthly payments.

Our panel of funders purchase the future card takings of your business and advance the merchant anything between 100-240% of their average monthly takings.

Would you like to hear more?

PMD’s CardPay team is here to talk to you about the benefits of Merchant Cash Advance and how it can work specifically for your business. Give them a call today on 0161 633 2548.

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